Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You may be a home educator if.......

*You teach your children to love God
*You teach your children obedience
*You teach your children to love and respect others
*You teach your children manners
*You teach your children how to do chores
*You teach your children to give
*You read to your child
*Building family relationships is very important to you

You are a home educator if you are intentional in your efforts to “teach a child in the way he should go”.

Somehow, we get caught up in thinking it's all about academics.

Are you a home educator?


IDnJC said...

Praise God - He has been showing me - it's not about the memory work - the writing - the math, but it's all about falling in love with the Lord and knowing WHO they are in christ - It's hard to implement while watching Math U See - and doing grammar, but God is showing me there is a better way! and...I am listening!
Ps 1!!! streams of living water that produces fruit in due season - everything they touch will prosper!

Cindy Beall said...

Oh yay! I am a home educator. (Who happens to use the public school system for academics :) Thanks for the encouragement. It truly lifted my spirits.

Christie said...

OH I am SO relieved to read this!!! For one, it helps me to refocus on the things that are most important in raising HIS children.

But mostly it excites me to see a statement of FREEDOM and UNITY among parents. THAT is my biggest struggle in homeschooling is sensing the division that our METHODS of education can bring. I heard someone say it this way...who cares if you nurse your baby or bottle-feed, just as long as you feed your baby! AMEN!!!

Ali said...

AWWW I'm so cute!

Anna said...

Ali is so cute in that pic! I love this picture... it makes me cry almost.

Thanks for teaching me everything I know! I love you guys!

Robin Meadows said...

Sheri - keep it up!
Cindy- YOU are definitely a home educator!
Christie- yes, it breaks my heart when people think the methods are more important than anything else.
Ali - you're STILL cute! In fact, you still look the same!
Anna - I love this pic too. It happened more than we have pictures to show. And we DIDN'T teach you EVERYTHING you know! ;)