Thursday, December 20, 2007

Additional Thoughts on Mary

Mary wasn’t the only influence on Jesus. He had an earthly father, Joseph. Mary and Joseph were a team. I believe they worked together to give Jesus everything he needed to be a well rounded individual, able to later influence many in His earthly life.

Sometimes, as moms, I think we may think our husbands are harsh with our young children. Maybe we think they are too firm.

But, I believe God wants our children to have the best of both his natures, his wholeness: mothering AND fathering. There is a complete difference, yet a completeness. And I think we need to learn to celebrate it.

I know I haven’t always thought Dirk handled things the right way….after all, he handled our children as a father, something I'll never fully understand.

Are you able to celebrate the way your husband fathers your children?


shanna said...

I have to brag on my husband. He is the most amazing daddy. He is so balanced. He is almost always engaging with them. He is firm, yet loving and SUPER fun. He wrestles with them...talks to them about God...spanks them...tickles them...teaches them how to worship...talks to them about how to be a warrior for the kingdom...disciplines them in love...snuggles with them...he is just amazing. He is by far the better parent out of the two of us! I am incredibly blessed!

Cindy Beall said...

Chris is a wonderful dad. Our boys absolutely adore him. I do need to appreciate him more, though. I think I'll do that today!

IDnJC said...

Shanna, I will have to say that there must be 2 best daddys in the world today! Ty is AMAZING! He spends their wake time with them, wrestling, praying, playing, reading the bible to them, doing plays with them, dancing with us, playing games, doing art work, homeschooling in areas I don't cover, does date nights with each girl, makes up family cheers and songs for us (my personal can use it "God is like air, you can't see Him, but you know He's there", he cuts faces in pickles and makes their lunch fun color, faces, scenes - you name it. He is gentle and kind and disciplines with the Word (sharper than a double-edge sword) and so much love.

In today's world, I am SO grateful for him and for ALL of our kid's daddys!! Praise God for them!!