Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Choices (Part 2 of 2)

Encourage Yourself

It’s another overwhelming day. Everything has gone wrong. The kids are especially loud and disobedient, they have left everything they played with all over the house, and the rice you left simmering on the stove has now burned to a nice black crisp on the bottom of the pan. No one has called to check on you today and you’re feeling more than a little bit lonely and forgotten.

OK – maybe the scenario for you isn’t the same, but we’ve all had days when it seems like no one even cares. No one is there to lift you up and encourage you.

Well, guess what? The same thing happened to David in I Samuel 30. David and his men had been away from home, battling the enemy. While they were gone, the Amalekites raided and burned their city and took away the women and children. When David and his men returned, they found their homes destroyed and their families gone, (including David’s wives). They were distraught! And in their distress, David’s own men started talking of stoning him! Now, that’s what I call having a really bad day. It trumps dirty diapers and cranky kids any day!

The story goes on in the very next verse to tell us David’s response: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God. (KJV) Wow! His wife couldn’t encourage him; his friends had rejected him. Guess who was left? Only himself! He had to encourage himself!

Once again, it’s all about making a choice. Do we drown in a sea of our own self-pity, or do we choose to pull ourselves up and be encouraged? Sometimes, you are all you have. With God, I’d say that’s MORE than enough!

Are you going through something difficult? Do you need to encourage yourself?


Anna said...

What a good reminder... I remember the first time you told me this... I've often thought of it when I needed to do just that!

Thanks for always being there to encourage me... most people don't have that!

Christie said...

OH MY! What a perfect time to read this! I was just telling my husband the other night, 'I feel like they (my 4 children) are all against me!!!' I will carry this one with me today! Thank you!

Cindy Beall said...

It makes sense. We know ourselves best and we know what will encourage us. Thanks, friend.

Anonymous said...

What a great reminder! Sometimes it's hard to pick ourselves up when we're down, but you're right, it is a choice we have to make.

Robin Meadows said...

Learning this was a big one for me, too! I'm glad it may be a help to you all.

Thanks for your comments! They encourage ME!