Sunday, December 30, 2007

No Resolutions for Me

I never make New Year’s resolutions anymore. I have before. They just haven’t worked. Being determined or resolute doesn’t necessarily get the job done for me.

I have to have a plan, a daily plan. For me, it’s what works.

My 2008 Plans

*work-out plan (The Cardio-Free Diet by Jim Karas – the workout plan) with an accountability partner (every other day). I’ve been very lax in the work-out area. This plan is based on the idea of weights or flex-loops rather than cardio, which appeals to me. Dirk has been faithful to the plan for several months now. Be sure to ask me how I’m doing!

*keep using the Weight Watchers CORE plan as an eating lifestyle (I easily lost 20 lbs on this plan last year)

*a one-year Bible reading plan (this year I think I’ll use the plan with The Message) and My Utmost for His Highest

Do you make resolutions or plans? Please share them! How do you follow-through?


Scott Williams said...

I have a plan that consists of some resolution.... I have some excercise goals that I will probably share on my blog, that's a good source of accountability.

I try to hold my self accountable for the most part; however
I do have other souces of accountability.

Cindy Beall said...

I say I don't make resolutions, but I kinda do. The biggest thing I need to do is drink more water. So, I told my accountability partner that I had to drink a certain amount of water BEFORE I have any Diet Dr. Peppers. If I don't, I will pay an extra $5 PER DAY to the church. (Chris and I are paying off things so this would hit us hard.) Not paying my AP...she might start taking me to Sonic to get DDP's to plan for next year's Christmas shopping :)

Nah, she's not like that. Just messin'.

Teena said...

Well same as always. Maybe this year I will successfully do them all.

Read my Bible more
Trust God in everything
Lose weight (which with my new medicine for my thyroid will be harder and more necessary)
Walk more
Drink more water
Get more organized
Be a better wife, mother, teacher, friend.
Don't waste as much time on the computer....(but this week, I've learned about blogs so that is going to be a hard one too.) :)

New one.....maybe start a blog. :)

Robin Meadows said...

Scott and Cindy - accountability is GOOD!

Teena--Yes! Start a blog before you head back to school!! I'll read it!

IDnJC said...

Every day/minute is a new year in Christ - when we stumble, dust ourselves off and realize that it is only Him that we are made perfect. For He has perfected what is now being santified.

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I LOVE resolutions! I just posted mine.

Abbi said...

I've learned to make resolutions that are more like steps in the right direction, rather than pass/fail (like the losing weight ones always seem to be for me).

the BIG ONE for 2008:
"Make choices that are more economically and environmentally friendly."

This one will be better for the earth, my health, and my wallet! Action steps:
1. Reduce, reuse, recycle MORE.
2. Stop using disposable forks and plates and cups so often for gatherings, even if that means doing more dishes. :\
3. Eat out less.
4. Ride a bike/walk rather than drive whenever possible.
5. Get back on to a organized spending plan and put extra money towards the mortgage (my goal is to pay of my house in 10 years or less, not 30!)
6. Use canvas shopping bags at the grocery, Wal-Mart, etc.
7. Continue to rinse and reuse Ziplock baggies, no matter how many people make fun of me. :)
8. Eat more organic, whole foods. Also, learn more about food processing and the bad things companies do, so I can avoid harming myself with chemically-treated, unnaturally grown/raised products.

Even little steps can make a big difference.

Robin Meadows said...

Abbi - #2 hmmm...there were 20 people here yesterday. You'll need to encourage me a little more in this one!
#7 - haha No problem!
#8 pretty good at this one too...cant wait for the garden


shanna said...

I don't make resolutions...they set me up for failure and they tend to feel so much like laws. I was however, taking a mental inventory of what I would like to do differently this year and Matthew 6:33 popped into my head. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Even though there are many things I would like to do differently this year I am going to focus on seeking Him first and trust Him to work out all things that concern me according to His will. Part of seeking Him first for me means getting up BEFORE my kids instead of WITH my kids so I can have a daily quiet time instead of waiting till mid-day when my younger boys nap. Pray for me...I am NOT a morning person. So far He has given me the grace to get up the last 2 mornings!!!!