Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Thoughts on Mary

Do you think Mary ever said unkind or harsh words to Jesus? Do you think she was perfect, like her son Jesus?

I don’t. There is nothing in scripture that gives us any reason to believe she was above sin. She was a mom, just like you and me.

Do you think she had hard days? Do you think she ever had to apologize for losing her patience or her temper?

I do. I think she had to do all the same things we do. She experienced the same frustrations, disappointments, and concerns.

And I think she also had daily, constant prayer and interaction with her heavenly Father (weird to think he was also right in front of her!).

The same strength, guidance, and grace she relied on is still available to us today! We only have to connect, to ask, to receive.

Are you connecting daily? It is your LIFE!

… and the Word was God John 1:1
For the LORD is your life…Deut. 30:20


shanna said...

so often I find in my parenting I wait until I am frustrated until I ask for God guidance...I would like to daily ask for guidance with the boys FIRST thing...BEFORE I am frustrated :)

Cindy Beall said...

I know I'm not connecting with Him enough. I need a swift kick in the hiney to get back on track.

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I think as a general rule, that motherhood is difficult no matter WHEN in time you are a mother; however, what can be harder than watching your son being tortured, ridiculed, and beaten to death? I think we can learn a lot about trusting God from Mary.

erin said...

Yeah, but it'd be a lot easier if your kid was perfect & didn't sin. See here's the deal, I have a kid who thinks he's God. :-) I think to myself everyday, "God you must have something big planned for this one." Or is it that He is working in me instead? Probably both.

Robin Meadows said...

Shanna--I think that's the key. It still won't always be easy, but it reminds us Who is in charge.
Cindy--me too.
hsm--you've got to wonder what Mary thought he Son's calling would look like. I bet she never guessed it would turn out like that! Until He arose!!
Erin - LOL Kaden is just like YOU! Just remember, Mary had other children besides Jesus. That would have presented its own set of problems!

Michael said...

like that song "Mary Did You Know", I think the key element was Mary's silence at the cross. She didn't say "he may be crazy, but don't kill him". She knew and her silence was evidence of that.

Hope said...

Knowing that she had other sons (and daughters) who thought their brother Jesus was a crack pot, I'm sure she had to tend with a lot of shennanigans and probably lost it from time to time, but then repented of course.:)

Stef Swindell said...

I probably would have cought myself saying, "Why can't you be more like your brother??" out of frustration to the other kids referring to Jesus lol. ..