Thursday, April 03, 2008

Friday Finds

If you've never read it you MUST read this blog, written by well-known blogger and homeschool mom. It is dated May, 2007. Hope you're encouraged as much as you're entertained. Read it here.
Kim's at it again...I just love this girl's creativity! Encourage your kiddos with these ideas.
Read it here.
Fun weekend plans? We help a couple celebrate their upcoming wedding with a couples "shower" tonight. I have to tell you......Dirk is very reluctant to attend since it's a shower. But, he's going to sacrifice since he loves the couple. Wonder what other word we could come up with that means the same thing but doesn't sound like a girl-thing? ; ) I think they used to call it a "pounding"...he said that sounds a little better.

Check out the progress of my lettuce. See Monday's post about growing it. If you go buy seed, go ahead and pick up some green bean seeds. We'll be working with those soon!


-The Mountain Man- said...

Dirk, don't do it. Warriors don't have to go to wedding/baby/ whatever showers.

Unless there are lamps or fancy women's restrooms.

Nicole Knox said...

A party??? It is going to be fun.

Kim Heinecke said...

Thanks Robin! The boys planted potatoes w/ their Mimi so we'll do lettuce next time... can't wait to see the progress!!!!

Chick4Christ said...

oh how cute :)

erin said...

that was funny . . . Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. I need reminders to not be so strict in my schedule. Sometimes I dread the thought of homeschooling my kids all the way through until I read things like that. That's my kind of life!

Natalie Witcher said...

yea, give 'em a good pounding! Love me some pioneer woman!

Shari said...

Your lettuce looks great. It's my favorite veggie to plant. We still have another month to go here before I can plant it though.