Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friday Finds

Good News, Bad News, Good News

Last week, as Erin was trying to keep up with information on Jon leaving Iraq, her computer wacked out. We knew a blogger friend, Michael, who is a computer superhero and Erin gave him a call. She took her computer to him and he had it up and running like new in only a few hours and then…….he delivered it to her! What a guy!! So, if you have some computer issues, contact Michael at oumike23 @ (no spaces). Here’s the deal. He’s a very generous guy….Be sure that if you connect with him to have him work his magic on your failing computer…..BLESS HIM GENEROUSLY! Don’t count on the “Erin special”, ; ) but I guarantee you he will do a super job, if he can, on your computer.
Star of Bethlehem flowers

Remember me backing into Dirk’s truck last week? Yeah…well, that little dent appraised at $794.…..oh, and my car will cost about the same. I’m still feeling like that one picture….
Check out Anna’s blog and click on the link to her magazine article (Am I Beautiful?) in Brio magazine. (right under her picture). It was written about three years ago, and published last year. You’ll enjoy it!
It’s the weekend! What will you be doing?


deleise said...

Robin, remember the post just a few days ago about not being so hard on yourself? Throw out the poop picture. Congrats to Anna!

Kim Heinecke said...

Yeah, dents in cars are cool. I proudly display 4 of them. stupid regular-size garage.

Michael said...

Thanks for the kind words! Hey, don't get too down on yourself about the cars...those are only material things, at least nobody got hurt! Accidents happen.

We love and look up to the Meadows family, you all are truly an inspiration and a great example in life!

Robin Meadows said...

Oh, mean I have to take my own advice? LOL

Kim - I'm not too proud of mine yet...does that mean I need to add a couple more? ; ) hope not!

Michael--you da man!!

Roger Garrett said...

coaching double header soccer games with 4 year olds. Pray for me

mandy said...

just posted what i was doing this weekend - it involved LOTS of long-anticipated sunshine. YAY!

and $794 = OUCH!