Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I’ve known him since I was 15. He was a stud in our church youth group. I married him when I was 19. He’s still a stud! Today (the 17th) is my husband, Dirk’s birthday.

This man is quite amazing.

Here are a few things he has done in his life:

He is an ordained minister.
He graduated with a Sociology degree from Oklahoma Baptist University.
He helped birth our 7 children.
He built our home with a hand-held hammer, mostly by himself.
He has owned and operated his own successful business for 33 years
He has worked hard and allowed me to stay home with our children
He is a great money manager
He is an amazing grandpa to our six grands
He will do anything for anyone and does!
He loves completely
He is a man of integrity and consistency
He tells really corny jokes…that are very funny ; )
He makes me laugh
He’s taught me to lighten up and enjoy life
He is my mentor
He has helped shape me into the person I am today.

Do I make him sound perfect?

Well, he is…….. for me!

Happy birthday honey. I love you!!


Sheri said...

Soooo sweet Robin. I can see your intimate love for one another when I am around the 2 of you! What a wonderful way you teach us to honor our studs!
Happy Birthday Dirk!

deleise said...

Sounds like you are both equally blessed! Happy Birthday Dirk!

Theresa said...

Oh Momma Robin once again you lift up the men in your life beautifully.

What a great day this is for your family. Your hubby's Birthday and Jon on his way or already home.

Can Dirk be my honorary adopted dad and mentor. He sounds just plain awesome!!

Kim Heinecke said...

Wahooo! Happy Birthday Dirk!

Ali Ruhman said...

Brad and I are so lucky to have you two as role models. We love you Dad(grandpa,and b-ba)!

Amy said...

He does sound perfect. Happy Birthday, Dirk!

Michael said...

Awesome...thanks for sharing all those things about Dirk. I really loved hearing him talk, from a dad's perspective, in small groups at the EFL meetings. Happy Birthday, Dirk!!

Full of Joy said...

That is so sweet! I think I have tears, wait, yep here they come. :) Happy Birthday Dirk!

erin said...

yes, he really is that good. love you dad!

Abbi said...

What a sweet tribute. He does read your blog every day, right? ;)

I love my Papa Meadows!! :) Happy Birthday to an amazing guy!! I've got a cake with your name on it! hee hee.

D.A. said...

Thanks Robi I've had the wool pulled over your eyes a long time. All I know is you're my best friend, the joy of my life and should I say it (hide your eyes my kids) my lover. Forever yours, Dirk

drama momma said...

Happy Birthday, Dirk!

princessjes said...

Papa Meadows is AMAZING!!!
Love you both dearly!
Papa--I'm still waitign for my ride...