Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Finds

Some of my girls….

Erin's husband, Jon and the rest of the 323rd Battlion, Jump Platoon Marines arrive Saturday at noon at the Tulsa airport! He called me this week---can't WAIT to see him! Again, thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Next daughter, Ali starts work this weekend at Supercuts, 2nd and Bryant, in Edmond. Ali has been a stylist for 6 years. If you want one of the best haircuts EVER, ask for her on Saturdays or Sundays. Be sure to leave her a good tip!
3rd daughter, Anna is running in the OKC Memorial Marathon Sunday. She's running the 1/2 marathon (ONLY 13 miles!) Leave her a "blug" on her blog.


Youngest daughter, Katie is Employee of the Month at Edmond Medical Center. It’s a big deal, people! She even gets the special parking place. However, since she walks, not drives, to work, she's considering putting a lawn chair in her parking place as a claim on her special territory. ; )


Some of my other girls....

You’ve gotta see the cake we had at a recent family birthday bash! Abbi is amazing!!
My good friend and blog-bud, Cindy Beall is back on-line. See what happened to her this week!


We'll be at a wedding for a family friend tonight. Our granddaughter, Lily, is the “Flower Princess”, ( a name she chose and the bride is listing it in the program).

Your weekend?


Nicole Knox said...

We will be at the wedding!!! Your daughters are wonderful!

Taylor Hale said...

I'll be there too! It'll be amazing!

Donna said...

Your daughters are busy!!! I love weddings. If Katie puts a lawn chair in her parking space she should take a picture and post it on her blog. Praying that the day and night goes by fast for Erin.

J's parents are watching our three oldest & we have a babysitter coming tonight for our youngest. We are finally going to go out to eat by ourselves!!! I am not sharing one bite of my food!

Happy Days! Happy Weekend!

Cindy Beall said...

Doing a little planting this weekend :)

Christi said...

Just look at how great your girls are!! (Must because they had you as a mom:)

Bikerwife said...

Yeah! Jon is almost home. You have amaaaazing daughters. I will totally be going to see Mrs Ali at her new gig. See you tonight at the wedding! Can't wait!

Abbi said...

Thanks for the love, Mama Meadows! See you and the family (including the Flower Princess!) tonight! :)

Natalie Witcher said...

Fun to show off your kids, huh. I think I'll be taking my kids to the WEBKINZ EXTRAVAGANZA at Hallmark. That should get me the mom of the year award for sure!

Kristie ♥ said...

I will be at the wedding tonight! And then bright and early tomorrow morning i am off to Toronto until monday!

Roger Garrett said...

My wife will be wanting to shoot your flowers after seeing that picture, with a camera of course