Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Go Play!

I phoned my oldest daughter, Erin the other day. (Her husband is my son-in-love who is still in Iraq). Kaden, 4, answered her cell. Here’s the conversation:

Kaden: Hewwo?
Me: Hi Kaden. How are you doing today?
Kaden: Oh….good.
Me: Is your mama there?
Kaden: Yeah, but she can’t talk right now.
Me: Oh, really?
Kaden: She's in jail.
Me: Oh, I see. Well, can she talk on the phone while she’s in jail?
Kaden: No, she’s a pirate and she’s tied up, and has handcuffs.

Funny, huh?

The great thing is that Erin is playing with her boys. (Will is 2). And that’s not a natural thing for her to do. It’s something she has to make herself do, because I know there are many other things she might choose to do instead. She’s a lot like me.

Playing with my children is not something I was very good at doing. I’m glad to know that my girls are doing a much better job with their own children than I did.

So, take it from me. I wish I would have done better. Give up whatever it is you might rather be doing. Let them comb your hair, tie you up, and even put you in jail. It’s all about relationships!


erin said...

Oh, you weren't as bad as you thought. I remember lots of tea parties growing up. Kids are just so imaginative - you can enjoy yourself in play if you focus on what's really important in life.

HomeSchool Mommy said...

This is exactly what I said in our "small groups" at EFL last night...the thing I want to change in the next year is to create more family time. Playing with my daughter is definitely a product of does not happen on accident.

I remember my mom playing with me...and I remember how I felt when that stopped (she went through a lot and lost her "fun"). So, I definitely want Addyson to grow up remembing all the fun times...not remembering that her mom never played with her!

valerie said...

I bet you were better than you're giving yourself credit for. I forget how many kids you have, but you were probably a little busy. :)

I also wanted to tell Erin that I will keep her husband and her and the boys in my prayers as her husband serves our country in Iraq.
Try to stay dry today!

memykidsteacher said...

Seriously! Sometimes I offer money to the kids to comb my hair. And I love it when they do my makeup and nails. I've even been known to forget my new look and dash out to the store. Yikes.

Does playing Webkins online count for playing?

Bikerwife said...

It is hard sometimes to do everything a mom does and still find time to play. I have to be very intentional or before I know it I am cleaning and doing laundry more than taking the time I need to with my girls. We have a blow up bouncy castle set up right now in the middle of our living room. The girls and their dad have named it the happy castle. We have lots of fun in the happy castle and my messy house has just stayed messy for two weeks now. The time in the happy castle means much more.

Theresa said...

Great post! I can't wait to see how my kids parent. I am sure you were great fun then! Cause you appear to be great fun now.

Cindy Beall said...

I think I'm getting better at this. In fact, I can play a mean "Go Diego, Go" game with Seth. Sometimes I even win.

Robin Meadows said...

Thanks, Erin. Fun memories.
Elizabeth-no doubt you're being intentional
Valerie--only 7... Thanks so much for your thoughts of Jon and his family. I should have news to share soon!
Memykids...if they like you to play, then I say YES on webkins.
Bikermom-INTENTIONAL is the word! Read about your castle--you've got it!
Theresa---aww..thanks! I assure you I am FUNNER (I've heard that's definately a word) now!
Cindy-didn't I hear something about you climbing a tree?

Roger Garrett said...

I usually end up getting hurt, they take it easy on mom but go crazy on dad

Kim Heinecke said...

I'm trying to get better at that myself...I remember my mom used to let us "fix" her hair...poor mom...

Nicole Knox said...

Boys are a lot of fun to play with. But this is hard for me I want us to read! They want to play ball=) Thank you Lord for Tim.

Full of Joy said...

Thanks for the reminder! Webkinz does count, I am getting excellent at virtual pool. It is hard for me to keep up with their incredible imaginations though....that is what limited TV will do for you! :)

Natalie Witcher said...

It's something I have to be deliberate about. Thanks for the reminder.

Amy said...

You must be the proudest parent of a felon pirate on earth!
I love playing with my kids. Once I get down there and do it.
Thank you for reminding me that it is more necessity than luxury.
Also, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I love your blog. If I was your neighbor, I would so be your ninja. ;)

AND, oh my goodness! Thank you so so so much for not having a word verification! I just scrolled down to post this and saw it wasn't there. What a treat!

Chelsey said...

What a wonderful reminder. So much in life is not as important as we think. Those memories will last for a life time and shape and mold our kiddos more than we can ever imagine. Great post!