Monday, April 07, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s...


You may not all have asparagus beds like I do---yeah, I’m bragging and rubbing it in, I know. The ManyMeadows LOVE, LOVE asparagus. (and this is one thing you’ll find where we’re selfish and won’t share...unless you come eat with us!)

Right now I’m picking a small handful each day and soon it will be even more than that. It goes immediately into a cupful of water.

Even if you purchase your asparagus, the best way to store it is to break the cut ends off and stick the spears into a cup or glass of water. Store them in the refrigerator for about a week.

Try cooking them covered in the microwave in about a Tablespoon of water just until tender crisp and bright green.

Try grilling them on a layer of foil drizzled with olive oil, coarse salt and fresh ground pepper.

We eat asparagus on pizza, throw it in a salad, put it on a veggie and dip platter, add it to pasta, and even in an omelet. Can you tell we like it? Yes, we do! Yum!


erin said...

Yum Yum! Yes we do.

princessjes said...

YUMMY... me too, me too!
See I was supposed to be one of your many Meadows after all!

Theresa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE ASPARAGUS!!! Sadly my husband doesn't. :(

Roger Garrett said...

Man I bet you guys have some stinky pee.
Did I just say that out loud :-)

deleise said...

We do too! Have you tried roasting them? YUM!

Jayma Denice said...

I love it too! Thank you for the asparagus tips!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

We love it, too! Well, Michael doesn't like fruits or veggies, but Addy and I love it! Is it hard to grow?

Robin Meadows said...

Erin-come get some
Jessica--come eat!
Theresa and Elizabeth-your husbands are missing a GOOD thing! Have them try it grilled--it's the best!
Roger? Haven't checked! LOL
Deleise-is roasting it like grilling? Think it would taste about the same?

Growing asparagus is easy, but the roots take about 3 years to establish. E-mail me if you want more details!

shanna said...

YUM! I love green veggies!

drama momma said...

We don't like it....well, none of us have ever tried it either. :)

Nick and Vanessa said...

Yum Yum! We plan on starting a grand garden someday and I will just HAVE to read your blog for tips!

deleise said...

Roasting it gives it kind of a sweet, nutty flavor. I would think grilling it would give more of a smokey flavor. Try it. I am definitely going to grill some!

valerie said...

Yummy....I love asparagus! My husband has a big garden out at our friends' house and he also has an asparagus bed. He brought home 3 little spears?? the other day and then on Sunday he brought 5 more. He asked me if I wanted to give these to my mom and I selfishly said no. :( (I'll give her the next batch)
Thanks for the tip on how to keep it fresh.
My husband doesn't like it...yeah!
I also wanted to mention that my daughter has a blog now and I'm always talking about my friends on here. Her blog is
Talk to ya soon,

Sheri said...

did you grow this? try seasame oil on it in the oven! yum (very little)! I have a chef friend and that is how he makes it!

Thanks for being such a good family example for us. we don't have any family and thus, no real example to follow right now, but YOU! love, sheri