Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cousin Camp

The Cousins ready for Cousin Camp! (ages 9-1)
No moms allowed.

They all arrived about 12:30. First, we played some games.
Lily playing "Duck, Duck,Goose"

Next, we skipped rocks at the pond. OK, we tried.
Uncle Kody was pretty good at it.

The swing!
(the 3 youngest)


This is where the best fun happened. We made this!
Kaden aptly named it "Woppity". (If you try this project, be sure to do it outside---it's messy!)
(my archaic internet won't allow me to upload the video---I'll try again later!
Sadie's mom came to get her for a nap at this point.

Snacks and swimming.
(Uncle Kody is the BEST!)

And we swam until about 3pm.
The cousins had a blast. Mimi had a blast. I think even the moms had a blast!

"We love Cousin Camp!"

Cousin Camp points:
Thanks to Amy G. for this idea.
All these kids live on our acreage and spend a lot of time together. They refer to each other as "my friends" ; )
It was the build-up and anticipation of Cousin Camp that made it so special.
We'll be doing it again---they're already asking. ; )
Grands are the GREATEST!


HomeSchool Mommy said...

That's awesome! My grandparents did "Granparents Night Out" once per month with us. All the cousins would go spend the night (up to 17 of us). We'd play games, snack all night, build a big tent/fort in the living room (the coolest 'tent' was under my grandparents dining room table and we bigger kids always got to it first), etc, etc.

We ALWAYS looked forward to it and we ALWAYS loved it! I'm glad you're doing this for your grandkids!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

P.S. We called it "GrandKIDS Night Out", not "GrandPARENTS Night Out" was hard work for them!

shanna said...

oh Robin..I am so jeaolous for the season of life you are in...I have mornings free as God is restructuring some things in our life..want to have coffee next week? I miss you!

Robin Meadows said...

Oh, Shanna. It is a glorious season. But, remember. I worked hard to get here! ; )

Hang in there---you're sowing seeds that will sprout and grow into a harvest of blessings! I promise!

Yes. Coffee next week sounds great--can't wait to hear about Africa.
E-mail me--manymeadows @ yahoo . com

Roger Garrett said...

Just need to knickname them "The Blonde Brigade"
They are too cute

Abbi said...

To follow up on Roger's comment...when I saw the picture of the grands with Kody, the song "One of These Things is Not Like the Others" came to mind. :)

They had a blast. Sierra and Mesa LOVED Woppity. :) Can't wait to see the video.

Theresa said...

What fun! They are all so cute!! Mimi is blessd with gorgeous grands!!

erin said...

Yes the moms loved it! Can we do cousin camp everyday??? wink-wink!

Jordan Garrett said...

AWH! how cute!! looks like someone had fun!!! (maybe a little more than just the kids!)

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...


Alec Warn said...

haha thanks! that means a lot ;].
and thats an AWESOME idea! i never even thought of that. i will definitaly contact her!

Donna said...

Oh how fun! I want to come to cousin camp. They all look so precious and adorbale!!!

Dusty Takle said...

What an awesome grand! Since my parents and in-laws are 900 miles away, think mine could come to cousin camp, too? Too cute.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

My mom wants to do this when their grand kids are old enough... What a lot of fun you provide for them.

Bikerwife said...

You get the Nana of the year award there. That is awesome! Your kids/grandkids are very blessed to have such a wonderful grammie/mom.