Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Are You Reading?

Right now I am reading:

The Last DiscipleHank Hanegraaff & Sigmund Brouwer
The Slumber of ChristianityTed Dekker
Have a New Kid by FridayDr. Kevin Leman

Are you a reader?

What are you reading right now?

Have any good suggestions or must reads?

Do you read more in the summer or in the winter?


come back tomorrow for Cousin Camp!


Jordan Garrett said...

I'm trying to get through the Left Behind series. It's very good and very powerful, and semi-hard to follow. ;)

Cindy Beall said...

I enjoy reading but I wouldn't call myself the kind of reader who can't put a book down.

I did just purchase The Shack and Behind Those Eyes by Lisa Whittle.

Looking forward to them.

Roger Garrett said...

I love to read but haven't been able to focus on one for a while. Not sure why. Last one I read all the way through was Under the Overpass

-The Mountain Man- said...

Just finished The Camel Club" by David Baldacci. Starting "The First Commandment" by Brad Thor.

Probably more in the summer, as there is less TV to be distracted by.

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

Right now: The Apocalypse Code by Hank Hannegraaff

MakeOver by Jen Hatmaker (great book girls!)

Redeemed Israel by Batya Ruth Wootien - don't understand who Israel is?...get this book!

Amy Newberry said...

I LOVE to read! I am reading "The freedom of Simplicity" by Richard Foster.

Cross-cultural Servanthood. Serving the World in Christlike Humility by Duane Elmer

The book that Transforms Nations. by Loren Cunningham


American Girl Meet Kit:) along with coutnless other board books every day:)

Abbi said...

I like to read, but don't do it very often, as I always seem to have other projects that need my attention. I'm part-way through several books. Maybe I'll get them finished on vacation next week.

I accidentally grabbed the SPQ book, even though I meant to leave it with you until you were finished. It's in my car, so I'll get it back to you next time I'm at Drew's.

Mesa is VERY excited about Cousin's's all she could talk about yesterday. :)

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I read, but only one at a time. I'm a very fast reader and I also don't like reading the same book at multiple, I tend to read one book in only one or two sessions...normally at night while I should be sleeping. I also only read non-fiction (well, except for the hundreds of fiction books I read to Addyson).

My latest reads (the last two weeks) are:
--The Book of Colossians (Women's Summer Bible Study)
--Parenting with Love & Logic by Foster Cline and Jim Fay
--Running on Empty by Fil Anderson
--His Needs, Her Needs by Willard F. Harley, Jr.
--Raising Girls by Melissa Trevathan and Sissy Goff
--Your Captivating Heart by Stasi Eldredge

I can't think of any book from which I haven't found something profound, so it's hard for me to NOT recommend a book.

shanna said...

I think I am addicted to reading. I just finished "A long way Gone, Memoirs of a boy soldier" by Ishmeal Beah before my mission trip. I am reading the Lord of the Rings series to Micah. I am reading a collection of letters that C.S. Lewis wrote and just finished listenin to a few of his books on CD with my hubby. I am reading thru the New Testament. I am waiting for Amy to finish "The Freedom of SImplicity" so that I can borrow it :) Oh..and I love Hank :)

erin said...

I love to read! I always read some from a fiction book and a non-fiction book everyday. Currently reading The Sacred Romance by John Eldredge & Fearless by Robin Parrish. I am reading The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis to Kaden.

Nicole Knox said...

I am reading:
Today Matters by John Maxwell
Grace Based Parenting
Sheet Music!!!

I love to read, I read when the boys sleep and at night when Tim is a sleep in his chair=)

Mandy said...

I'm reading
The Volunteer Revolution
The Case for Christ
How Full is Your Bucket

I just finished
First Break All the Rules

All of these are great books!

Bobbi West said...

Love to read, don't get to as much as I want to. Can easily forget get caught in a book and skip the dishes and laundry! Not in anything right now...but Stef is about to pass me on of Donna's recommendations! Can't wait to hear about Cousin Camp, we are having our own later this summer!

-The Mountain Man- said...

Just thought about "Have a New Kid By Friday." By Friday - that fast?Do you guys not have enough? Is A baby carrier for the motorcycle in your future - maybe a side car?

Robin Meadows said...

haha--Mountain Man---you're funny! ; )

However, Dirk DID just purchase a luggage rack for the bike. Wonder what he has planned? ; )

princessjes said...

Oh, my heavens The SHACK is a MUST READ!!!
Seriously, it's amazing!

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