Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mexican Bean and Corn (Etc) Salad

This is my new favorite summer salad recipe.

It makes a great side dish for grilled-anything, it is a good salsa for pita chips or tortilla chips, and it is great on top of salad greens (that’s what my lunch is a few days each week!) Oh, and Dirk likes it too. Yay!

It’s also allowed in this challenge. (Check it out).

Here goes:

1 can kidney beans, drained
1 can black beans(drained and rinsed)
1 can yellow corn (drained)
1 can white hominy(optional)(drained)

Add some chopped tomato, onion (red looks great), plenty of cilantro, and peppers (any color, any type. I even used jarred jalapenos the other day). Any amount---your choice

Add about 2-3 Tbs. lime juice, lemon juice, or even the brine from some jarred jalapenos, ½-1 t. cumin, 2 t. Splenda, and a couple shots hot sauce. Grind in some fresh black pepper. Put all in a covered container, and shake it until it’s mixed. Serve now or chill for later.

(About means: taste and add a little bit more of whatever you think might be needed ; )

Also, try any type of beans (garbanzo, pinto, black-eyed peas, navy, etc)

NOW! For my favorite ingredient in this salad--- JICAMA! Jicama (pronounced hee-kah-mah…isn’t that fun to say?) looks like a turnip with a brown skin on it. It has a texture like a crisp pear but has NO taste….until you add it to something. Then, it takes on the flavor of whatever it’s mixed it with. So, I add a small, peeled, cubed jicama to this salad. It gives it a great crunchiness! Jicama keeps for a long time in the refrigerator. Oh, and the best news…1 cup of jicama has a whopping 45 calories! ; )

Let me know if you try the salad. Think you’ll like it as much as I do? ; ) Have you ever tried jicama?

Do you have a favorite summertime food, or salad? Do share!


Theresa said...

Robin-This sounds great! I am going to try it. Maybe I will get to try it in August too from the master chef herself. ;)

Jicama is awesome. I love it just chopped up and plain as well as added to stuff.

Favorite summer time food is Watermelon!

erin said...

Yum yum! One of my fav's too. This family loves our mexican food don't we?? :-)

Christie said...

k, i understand 'about', but define can you define 'pletny' :)

reminds me of my mom who says things like 'a lot, but not too much' and 'cook it till its done' LOL!

Sounds great...i'm pretty picky, but i think i'll be adventurous and try this out!

Christie said...

LOL. sorry about the jumble of words in my comment...guess I should go PLAY with the two year old, instead of letting her climb all over me while I type. :)

Nicole Knox said...

I am so happy you posted this, after I left yesterday I thought to my self I hope Robin puts that salad on her blog today=)

Thanks for letting us come swim. We love us some Meadow time.

FULL OF JOY said...

Okay, I have never even heard the word Jicama...much less eaten it. That salad looks so inviting!

Cindy Beall said...

Oh, I love, love, love this dip, salad, whatever it's called.

Roger Garrett said...

Sounds great. Here is a creamier one for you. I made this up all by my lonesome and most everyone loves it.

2 cans corn (drained)
2 cans rotel (drained)
1 small tub of sour cream
1 small block of cream cheese
1/2 to 1 pack of dry ranch dressing mix

mix well with hand blender


Natalie Witcher said...

I haven't had lunch yet..that looks super yummy!

Donna said...

Yummy! Can't wait to give it a try. My favorite summer food......watermelon! YUM!

deleise said...

I just got the ingredients for this but there was no jimaca! The produce lady looked at me like I was out of my ever-lovin' mind. Where do you get yours?

deleise said...

I meant jicama not jimaca

Robin Meadows said...

Hey, Deleise...let's just make it Jamaica...and go there! LOL

I got my jicama at Crest.

Roger---I'll have to Low-fat that recipe and try it!

Christie - "plenty" means LOTS! I really like cilantro!!