Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Finds

Last month we spend $554. on gasoline! That’s with two drivers. And I don’t even leave home that often! How about you? Causing you some financial issues? What do you think? Are people charging gas to their credit cards just so they can drive?
Here’s an idea for saving money to use for gas. Ali and Erin are learning how to save by buying some items at CVS Pharmacy. Christi tells more about it here.
Free food! The wild blackberries are prolific this year! (we have them all over our property, but drive rural and check the roadsides) Erin and her boys have picked gallons of them! They’re not large, but they’re good and sweet. She is freezing them to make jam for Christmas gifts. (what a frugal girl!) I went out last evening and picked about 3 cups of them, and then noticed I was standing in a patch of poison ivy! Oh well….they sure will be good with cinnamon oatmeal. It’s like blackberry cobbler for breakfast!
Ali is still working Saturday and Sundays at Super Cuts (2nd and Bryant-just east of the 7-11). Ask for her and get a GREAT cut. Oh, and give her a generous tip!
Check out this current series. It’s a simple concept, really. But one we all need to “get”. One Prayer.
Weekend plans? I think it’s going to be a slow one for us (for once). We actually have no plans, other than church on Saturday night.
How about you?


Cindy Beall said...

Just going to the doctor and making a grocery list for the Hubby :)

I want to try to make it to church but we'll just have to play it by ear.

Bikerwife said...

We were just talking about this at work this morning. It cost us right at $400 last month and we aren't doing ANYTHING extra. Driving to work and school and a few errands like the grocery store. It is really bad. My family lives in Texas and we are not going to see them NEAR as much as we normally would. We just can't afford to.

Natalie Witcher said...

We're going swimming!

Theresa said...

My excitement happened last night. Now it is time to recover. ;) Actually my son has a basketball tournament in Sac.

Have a blessed and relaxed weekend!

Christi said...

Thanks for linking me, Robin:) It's kind of nice to have a "free" weekend. Been looking forward to some down time.

Roger Garrett said...

gas is a killer, don't remember if I have ever had poison ivy. Berries good. can't wait for one prayer