Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Finds

Follow the lifechanging events of this girl. She leaves next week for London---to live and minister there!


Anna has some good leadership principles going on at her blog.


Check out Alec's blog. (Just started this week.) He's one of our sons' friends and has some great insight for a young man! Think there's a ministry calling on his life? Leave him some blog-love!

Weekend plans? Another low-key weekend here! Wow!! We'll have plenty of swimming and outdoor work.

What will you do?

catching fireflies!


Patrick Sievert said...

I am headed back to Oklahoma this weekend!

Theresa said...

I want to catch Fireflies. I haven't done that since the 2 week stint of living in Arkansas. Are they always out or are they seasonal. I know definately not a native question. :)

Loving Anna's Marine and her series right now. No wonder the Marines are so well trained.

Bobbi West said...

Just-a-chillin! And Theresa, if you are in OK, they are seasonal! Hurry up and catch them suckers!

Ali Ruhman said...

Brad and I are going on the Micro-mission on Saturday with another couple from our lifgroup. We are so excited, Brad has never been on a mission trip before. Then I work on Sunday!

Donna said...

Jonathan and I are playing in a couples golf tournament tomorrow. I am so excited. I hope I can last the entire 18 holes. I haven't played in a tournament in years!!!

Alec Warn said...

haha! thanks for the advertisement! ;]. i had an awesome birthday, lunch with ketric, starbux, snowcone w/ sister, volleyball, and your house! family stuff tomorrow. church of course :]

valerie said...

I went to Falls Creek in 1975 and 1976 and went a couple of years ago just for an evening. What was really cool was our church stayed in the very same cabin this year that I stayed in when in went in the 70's! Nothing about it looked familar to me though.
When I was there at age 15 or 16 I remember going down during the invitation and gave my life to God for special service. I really had no idea what that meant at the time, but just felt so close to God and knew I wanted Him to use me. I think it's pretty cool that I was in the very same cabin, serving youth after 32 years.
It was a great week.

And, regarding the other comment....YES, Yay for no more kitchen carpet!

I'm still trying to get caught up so that's what I'm doing this weekend.

Have a good one. (sorry so long)

Taylor Hale said...

Ah! Wedding planning! I wish I could'vegone to the volleyball with Charissa! Everyone was there, and I missed them all. :(. Oh well, I'm having fun wedding planning!

shanna said...

so glad to be back and reading your blog!