Thursday, June 05, 2008

What Do You Think?

Yesterday's post brought up a question by my frind Deleise. She asks:

Robin, can you give us some tips on raising kids like Erin who can't stand to miss a day of reading the Bible?

Other than modeling, how did you help them come to that place?

Deleise, all I can answer is that it is the power of God at work in her life! Another daughter, Ali made a similar comment and I'm just blessed by them both. Their hearts belong to Him and it shows.

How much did her dad and I have to do with their choice to read God's Word daily? I'm not really sure. Bible reading was the first thing we did each morning, followed by memory work. Some years we read with everyone at the breakfast table. Most years it was the older children reading on their own and me reading to the younger ones. Did they always have a heart to read His Word? Hopefully, they'll get on here and answer that question.

Modeling is HUGE! I still remember my dad sitting at the table each morning reading his Bible and Sunday School book.

Tips to raising kids like Erin, Andrew, Ali, Anna, Katie, Kody and Jacob? Well, they're really fairly normal people and certainly not perfect. After all, look who they have for parents. ; ) Still, I'm continually blown away and amazed at them. At what they've overcome, at what awesome parents the first three are, at the Godly choices I see them make, at their giftings and how they use them, at their influence for Christ. (And they're just plain fun too!)

My advice? Love 'em, point them toward Jesus, and pray, pray, pray. The rest is up to Him, and He is always faithful!

Does that help?


deleise said...

It does help, Robin. I think it is probably a lot simpler than I am making it. At this age I don't feel like they have that kind of passion about the word of God, but, helloooooo...they are young, it's a process.

Sometimes I think I start to freak out that I am not doing it right, but you are so right about praying, following His lead, and letting Him do His thing.

Thanks, Robin

Anonymous said...

I have four children the oldest is 15 he sort of looks to go into a coma state when we do bible study or listening to sermons, but he loves youth, church camp and anything related. My 11 year old reads her devotionals every night on her own, takes her bible when she spends the night with people and looks up scripture when she has a question. The two youngest still have to be read to because they are 5 and under 1. Raised in the same house, two different children........God most certainly has a hand on all of them.

Cindy Beall said...

I do love my boys. I try to point them towards Jesus. But, I need to step up my praying.

Thanks, friend.

erin said...

I think the parent's example is huge. They modeled what they thought was important rather than just "preaching" to us. I think because my parents learned to not be "religiousy" about stuff really helped. We as Christians no longer live under the law, but yet I still see countless families living my strict rules that turn kids away from their love of God. Focusing on teaching your kids about loving God & how much He loves us creates a passion that lasts a life time. To start with younger kids focus on those legends in the Bible. There are great unit studies that can be done with these. Also start memory verses real young. My 2 & 5 year old love saying verses that make them feel special. My hope is that when they start to make their own choices about reading the Bible, they will desire that feeling they had when I first started them. BTW, I rebelled for about 6 years & had no desire whatsoever for the Bible, but because of the foundation that had been laid I came back to it!

Anna Meadows said...

I can say that the biggest thing Mom and Dad did for us was what they DIDN'T do.

They didn't push. They didn't force. Anything. They encouraged. They pointed us in the right direction, but they didn't MAKE us choose. They left it up to us. They taught us how to think for ourselves. How to make the best decision, the wisest decision, and if we didn't know the wisest decision, at least we knew where to go look for it.

That's what I have to say!

Natalie Witcher said...

What awesome mentoring! thank you

deleise said...

I love what you are saying about not pushing or forcing. That is so important and so easy to forget.

princessjes said...

Mama Meadows...sweet!
Good advice!

Sheri said...

You are SO right - it is modeling! The bad stuff that comes out of my kids - usually resembles something they have seen me do/say. (nice).

You are a wonderful mentor!