Monday, August 25, 2008

Family is Good

Well, it's been quite a weekend.

Dirk had emergency gallbladder surgery late Saturday night. And we were home by 2:00 am Sunday! Our family and extended family was there for us....and they are still.

Family is good. (If you don't have one, find one to adopt you!) ;)

Dirk's pain level by Saturday was getting unbearable and Lortab on top of Lortab wasn't touching it. I had gone on to Saturday evening church at 5:00 (where we normally serve together) with plans to come right back home.

I "just happened" to run into our family physician, Dr. Mark Knox. He asked how Dirk was doing. I told him, "Not good at all." He was really surprised, since when he saw him Friday morning Dirk was laughing and talking with the staff during his visit to Dr. Knox's office where they took blood and scheduled an ultra-sound for Monday.

Dr. Knox told me to go ahead and take Dirk to Mercy where "we'd get this thing taken care of". I called Dirk. He said, "Let's go." I knew it was bad if he was ready to go to the hospital.

So, with much help from my church family who quickly took over my responsibilities and prayed over me, I drove home, and we headed to the hospital.

The Mercy ER staff was very accomodating. We arrived at the ER about 6:30 pm. Dirk's surgery was beginning by about 10:30. The surgery waiting room filled with 15 of our family members.

The surgeon came out to give a report, and using his best medical terminology said that Dirk's gallbladder was "nasty, nasty".

So, thanks, family! Thanks for your thoughts, your calls, your texts, your e-mails, the food, your prayers, and mostly your love.

Family is good.

I'll be taking a few days off from posting this week while the boys and I help Dirk work.

While I'm away, read some of the blog buddies I have listed. You'll be blessed!

PS - Dirk says the surgeon also removed his six-pack! He's back to cracking bad jokes... :)


Christi said...

OH, I'm so glad he will be able to heal now. Pain is not fun. What a blessing that your family and church family were there for you. We all love you guys so much. Please let me know if you need anything this week.Take some time this week to just relax :)

Theresa said...

I bet that Doctor is the one that took my 6 pack too. Darn him!

I am so glad that everything is ok now!

Loving you all from afar!!!

Cindy Beall said...

I am so relieved! Thanks for keeping the texts coming!

deleise said...

Enjoy taking care of your man.

Donna said...

I am so happy is home and healing! And no longer in pain. It makes my heart hurt to think of someone in that kind of unbearable pain. It is so awesome that your family and church family surrounded you with love and prayer!

Roger Garrett said...

Glad to hear he is going to be better now. Talking about 6 packs I am glad the Olympics are over. I lent my 6 pack to one of the athletes and now I can get it back

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

I'd love it if a surgeon removed my jello pack.

dusty takle said...

I, like Roger, loaned my 6 pack to one of those volleyball gals.

Soooo glad Dirk is on the road to recovery now. God is good!

Amy Newberry said...

I am so praying for your family! I miss you we MUST get together SOON!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

I'm so glad he's doing better & so sorry to hear about your tough week!