Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Finds

Craig has a great life lesson on Swerve this week. Something great we can teach our children!
Anna wrote a couple of good ones this week (well, all hers are good, but these are especially good). Perspective and Show Yourself.
Help a brotha out! Nominate Scott for a blogging award. Voting is over this weekend, and Scott says it will only take a few seconds.

OK - what's going on this weekend? Theresa is here from California. We'll be meeting with some other bloggers tonight, and doing a little sight-seeing, church, etc.

How about you? Anything special?
These two cousins (my youngest grands!) share a birthday today. Will is now 3, and Sadie is 2!
Happy Birthday, you cuties!!


dusty takle said...

those grands ARE cuties.

Abbi said...

I love those kiddos!! They are growing up WAY too fast, though!!! That pic was just a few months ago!!!