Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Finds

Check out Jacob's blog on Waiting. It sure blessed me!


Dusty Takle, a new blogging friend I've yet to meet in person, will delight you with her writings. This post was especially enlightening for moms. Check it out!


Katie is back to writing about her ER experiences at the Edmond Hospital. Read the poem she wrote.


The ManyMeadows are taking a daycation tomorrow. I'll tell you about it next week!

How about you? Have any special weekend plans?

shrimp plant


Theresa said...

I am going to spend the weekend looking for a wallet. :)

I am also going to finish a couple things that I need to get done before I take a trip NEXT WEEK!!!

YAY It is almost time!

Have a great weekend!

dusty takle said...

I see no reason at all why Jacob shouldn't wait for my little Anna. However, I have a feeling there are plenty of other moms putting their little girls in line. Precious. Thanks for the link luv :-) I'm finishing up school shopping this weekend. A far cry from a daycation. Enjoy yours!

jimmy paravane said...

Church. Several times. Again. I just can't help myself. (grin)

K Ford said...

My cactus and I thank you for the comment. Btw, you must be very proud of your son...actually all your kids (that I've met) are pretty awesome. Reflects good parenting I suppose.