Monday, August 04, 2008

Okie Speak

The motorcycle pulls up to the stop light at the intersection of Broadway and Danforth. It is a beautiful evening and Dirk and I are on a ride.

On our right is one of Edmond’s finest patrolmen.

His police car window is rolled down.

The light is still red and Dirk raises his helmet visor.

Oh no…he’s not going to ask it…

Yep…, he is…..

“You wanna race?” Dirk asks, with a smile.

The policeman smiles back.

“Y’ont to? But she rides with me.”

The light turned green. We didn’t race. But we sure did laugh!

What did he just say?


For Theresa (who visits soon from California)

Y’ont (pronounced yuh-ohnt) is a one syllable word meaning “you want”? We'll have more translations to come so you’ll understand the language when you get here.

I know Theresa is familiar with y’all and alla y’all….she’s been practicing. : )

The rest of you begin thinking of some of the best Okie phrases and terms you’ve heard (or use). We’ll revisit this tomorrow so she can have some time to study before she gets here on August 14th.
Wait to post your terms tomorrow! :)


Jayma said...

Oh, that's sooo funny! You're a hot Mama!

One of my favorites is: "mighty fine" but it's always about beer or nascar or Bricktown.

Roger Garrett said...

Got hit on by a cop huh?

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

So great!

Theresa said...

That is hilarious. I have told you that you are a hot mama!!

OH Y'ont...This one may take awhile. LOL

Christie said...

alla y'all is my fave! Dont forget that y'all can also be possesive, although it does look funny in written form - alla y'all's!

hislifeformine said...

pfft...pfft...that is me trying to wolf whistle!