Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Teens, Sex, and Dating

I’ve been doing a little reading about dating/not dating. Like I told you yesterday, it’s an area we’ll be discussing with our boys this year.

The other day I came across some statistics I wanted to share.

From the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
(2007 study)

Teens continue to say that parents most influence
their decisions about sex.

Most teens (64%) say they share their parents’
values about sex.

Most sexually experienced teens (60%)
wish they had waited longer to have

Fully 75% of teens do not think it is
embarrassing for teens to admit they are

About half of teens (48%) say they have
never thought about what their life would
be like if they got someone or were pregnant as
a teen.

From the Centers for Disease Control

47% of all teens 9-12th grade have had sex, and 62% of all graduating seniors have had sex.

From Josh McDowell’s “Handbook on Counseling Youth”, a study in 1996 of 2400 teens from Utah State University and Brigham Young University:

91% of girls who begin dating at age 12 lose their virginity before graduation
56% at age 13
53% at age 14
40% at age 15
20% at age 16

How old were you when you began dating? Do/will your views on dating change on your watch?


FULL OF JOY said...

Wow, that last one is amazing. Courting all the way here, or at least that is the plan. One to many broken hearts to pass that on...

Thanks for sharing.

Kim Heinecke said...

ugh. Scary!
I'm thankful my parents set pretty high standards. So VERY thankful!

Donna said...

Have you read Why wait? by Josh Mcdowell. I have it if you want to borrow it. That is a good one. I went to one of his seminars in high school right after I was saved and decided then that no matter what I was waiting. Also, do you discuss the covenant part of marriage in relation to our covenant with Christ? When my husband and I were tempted at 17 we went to our youth pastors (our parents didn't care what we did in that area). The guy took jonathan and the wife took me and explained the covenant of marriage. Having that truth changed our relationship. We ended up breaking up a year later b/c the pressure was on---but we were back together two years later---courting and then married. total of 7 years on again off again dating and engaged. It was torture. Keeping emotions and hormones in balance. Do I recommend it? No. Do I want that for my children? No. But God is awesome and He knows right where we are at. He knew Jonathan and I were going to go through some horrible rocky times and that we needed that time to build a strong friendship. His ways are higher than our ways. I don't think there is a box anyone can put dating in. I think there has to be a standard and then lots of prayer. It certainly cannot be legalistic. Legalism = rebellion. So there is my rant at 2am!! Love you Robin!

dusty takle said...

My parents were the no dating parents. At 17, I could be with a guy in group settings. It was pretty hard core for me back then. I don't know that I will be as strict with my own children, but I will teach abstinence, don't date anyone you wouldn't marry, stuff. My parents did do something right, because I was a virgin when I married.

Anna Meadows said...

I started dating at age 20... yeah, so I'm 21... big deal!

I totally reccommend waiting until AFTER highschool to date. Groups are much better and safer... that (and the fact that I was "the fat girl") kept me from many bad situations and devistating consequences

Abbi said...

My first official "date" was my jr. year of high school. That was also my last until college, and even then it was sporadic at best. I'm with Anna on waiting.

I'm glad I took the time to figure out who *I* was first, what my values where, what I wanted. Only then did I know what kind of person would make a good match for me.

...little did I know he'd be a weldin' cowboy. ;)

Chelsey said...

Started daing when I was 16.

My chidren will NOT be dating, we have already begun to prep them.

When they are married I want them to be able to give their WHOLE heart to their spouse. When you date, you give away a piece of your heart that you can never get back.

Nope, no dating for my kiddo's.

We will trust the Lord to bring the right person into their lives at the right time.

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

I couldn't date until I was 16. My girls will never date. ever. :)

K Ford said...

I got Anna beat. I'm 25 and just started dating (partially due to my brothers scaring any potentials away). I feel like I have a clearer perspective of what I want...and what I don't want.