Sunday, March 09, 2008


This is not us

OK - so we're not Fred and Ginger (yet). But, we learned a pretty mean Cha-Cha at Ballroom Dancing on Friday night. It was a BLAST! We're not great at it, but we know the basics now.

Next Friday we learn the Samba and Salsa.

Come join us! It's a beginner class.
7:00-8:30 lesson
8:30-9:30 dance
Transformations Gym
Kelly, south of 33rd in Edmond
$15 couple

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valerie said...

This looks like SO much fun! It would really be a miracle if I got my husband up there to dancing lessons, but who knows.....
Neither of us can dance. I try to lead. It's crazy.
In an earlier comment I mentioned that I took tap & jazz when I was a freshman at ECU. My friends talked me into going. The first night the teacher asked (in a group of what seemed like 70 or more) how many had taken dance lessons in their lives? All but being one of them...had taken dance. SO...she divided us into several long rows and I was sure to get at the back. We had to do this funny thing to music down the gym with right arm raised and left leg kind of hopping up and then left arm up and right leg up.
Well....after we got down to the end of the gym she made us turn around and go back. Yes, now I'm leading the group. My friends were was too funny! Every week I dreaded going b/c I was so bad.
I did end up making an "A" because she graded on how much each person improved. God knows I couldn't have gotten worse. :) Our final was a tap dance to the song "Heaven on the Seventh Floor." How funny is that?
Anyway, you seem like you have fun in life and that's great! Love that y'all have a motorcycle.
I read some previous posts and enjoyed the one about "Enduring or Embracing." That was very good.
I'm about to get out and enjoy this sunny Sunday.