Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Family Night

Last evening the ManyMeadows had a Family Night!

We started with food (always). Mexican is a favorite--chicken enchiladas, Tex-Mex Rice salad (thanks Mandy!), homemade salsa and seven layer dip. Oh, and ice cream for dessert!

Grandpa read a rousing rendition of Jungle Book, then another of Dora the Explorer. Isn't he cute? Oh, and the grands, too, of course!

Then we moved some furniture, got out the pillows and gathered to watch "Dan in Real Life". Now, if you've seen this movie you know that it is centered around a large family, so we all found it quite humorous and very entertaining. We only had to stop the DVD about five times (not so bad considering we had a 4 yo, a 3 yo and a 2 yo still awake. ) We laughed, cried, and took away some great lines.

Some of my favorite bloggers were present! They're part of our family! Anna, and Katie, Abbi, Brittney, and Jessica! We missed Jacob who is on a mission trip and of course, Jon, still in Iraq, and Andrew's two girls, at their Papaw's in Texas. Altogether, there were still 18 of us! Yeah...we're a force!

Aunt Anna!

They love Abbi!

It was a noisy, fun, family lovin' time!

What are some fun things you like to do as a family?

Did you come from a large family


Christie said...

OH my goodness! You guys give me hope!!!

And this is TOO funny....Tim and I rented that movie last night too!!! It was GOOD!!!

Patrick Sievert said...

eighteen... that's just silly!

If we have 7 it's a big gathering. Then again, we're only two generations right now (the 'rents and my brother and I - oh, and the 'rents' "stepsons").

As far as fun, we mostly just sit around and listen to Grandma Peach talk about dysentery.

Cindy Beall said...

You are one blessed mommma. I love all the pictures of kids kissin' their aunts and uncles.

I'm the baby of three. We didn't do this kind of stuff :(

Brittney Pirtle said...

I had so much fun last night :) I just love you guys

Theresa said...

That is the kind of family life I always wanted. Big and Happy! You are all blessed!! Of course since you are generous in your sharing we are blessed too. You have a beautiful family!!!

Roger Garrett said...

I hope my boys decide to stay close to home. My wife and I were the only siblings that stayed local and we have always enjoyed the family time. I hate just seeing family on the holidays.

Robin Meadows said...

Thanks girls and guys! It is a great time in our lives....VERY blessed and full.

Just know that your time of sowing, plowing, watering, and weeding (yeah, I'm a gardener!) may be difficult at times...but God is faithful. You WILL reap a harvest of blessings....even though they may overwhelm you at times. ; )

Abbi said...

I had a blast! Thanks for including me as a part of the family! Love you!

Natalie Witcher said...

You saw what we did is a family for St. pat's day!... My extended family just loves getting together anytime. We have so much fun together.

mandy said...


and you're SO very welcome!

princessjes said...

I come from a large pack, but I have a wonderfully large family! LOVE You Mama Meadows! You're the best...of course Papa Meadows is wonderful too!
Love you both and the rest of the bunch!

Nick and Vanessa said...

It doesn't get any funner than that- coming from a single mom/ only child household, I can't wait to have these types of fam nights in the future!

ID in Jesus Overflow! said...

This just makes me so sad! I miss my mom SO Much! I miss family holidays...having family around - playing ball in the backyard...playing games... and just everything!

However, I rejoice that you all see the JOY in each other and love each other so much! What a precious gift!

I hope our heavenly parties look like this!