Thursday, March 20, 2008

Friday Finds

Here's a fun Easter project to do with your kids. Kim has posted the recipe for "Resurrection Cookies".
The Donaldson's, an intentional home educating family share their "Family Nights" with us. Check out all 5 nights. You won't be disappointed!
Amazing parallel stories of God making himself known on Patrick's and Scott's blogs.
Lily and Sadie My cutie daughter, Ali is a licensed hair stylist. She is now accepting new customers! Some of her famed clients include me, Erin, Anna, Katie, Nicole, the wives of the Central Lifechurch youth staff, and many others! She gives a great cut and color. Just ask any one of them! And she's also good with kiddos. She prefers working from her home (her kitchen, in fact!), has her two precious girlies to entertain you and is less expensive than a salon. Catch her at aliruhman @ (no spaces)
Consider visiting one of the extra Easter weekend experiences at Leave your "Sunday seat" open for someone who only comes to church on Christmas and Easter. Dirk and I will
be ushering at Edmond's 7:00 pm Friday and the 5:00 and 6:30 on Saturday. Come see us!


Jayma Denice said...

Yes!!! Your serving was mentioned. :) I love it.

Such cute pictures!!!

Nicole Knox said...

Ali is the best!!! She has been doing my hair for 3 years and I would never go any where else. (plus she is my best friend) ha ha

Natalie Witcher said...

Love me some Heinecke ideas, and that baby face!

Roger Garrett said...

I am hoping all the campus bust at the seems for all of the experiences this weekend. I am looking forward to tonight

princessjes said...

YIPPIE for hair cuts, cute kids, and Lifechurch experiences this weekend!

Theresa said...

I wish that I was there to experience LifeChurch in person. Maybe someday I will climb on a plane and visit.

Have a super big Blessed Easter!!
Thanks for the LoveLink :)

patricksievert said...

Did Ali used to work as a hostess at Chili's a long time ago? Because I saw that picture, and thought to myself, "that looks like that girl Ali that I used to work with." And then you said her name was Ali.

If so, then I'm sorry (to you and to her), because I wasn't very nice to her. But that was a long time ago. Before I knew Jesus. So, yeah...