Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break Trips #1

As I mentioned on Friday, this week I will share some spring break trips we took in the past few years with our boys (before they got old enough to leave us for mission trips!) Our youngest boys have gotten many more privileges than their older siblings! In fact, they've been known to be called "spoiled". (Hey, having older parents must have some perks!) Taking two kids somewhere is quite a lot easier and less expensive than taking 7! This was the beginning of our semi-educational spring break trips.
A few years ago, when our youngest boys were 10 and 8, we took a spring break trip all the way to ……Norman, Oklahoma! Our other kids had already married, were working, or were away on mission trips. So, Dirk and I took our youngest to see the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. We also got a hotel with an indoor swimming pool since the boys love to swim and spent two nights in that faraway place!

Kody and Jacob already knew more about dinosaurs, Smilodons, Pterosaurs and the various eras than I would ever know (or care to know…). Dirk is quite a history fanatic, and absolutely loves museums, and even though this was a trip only to Norman, we built it up and the boys anticipated a great time.

And they weren’t disappointed.

While the Museum of Natural History is decidedly evolutionary in theory, the exhibits are outstanding. (This also presented an opportunity to discuss the differing view-points of many scientists and individuals) Most of the skeletons were discovered in Oklahoma and the museum has great displays of various Oklahoma areas including the birds, animals and plants of those habitats. A hands-on Discovery Room is a favorite with kids.

Besides the museum, we enjoyed eating out, a few Norman parks and some good quality time together all for under $200.

Do you like museums? Do you have some Oklahoma museums to recommend?


Roger Garrett said...

Did you make it to the Little River Zoo while you were down there? that is worth the short drive. There are a few good ones for kids, the Jasmine Moran in Seminole and Leonardo's in Enid.
As they get older a day in Tulsa for the Philbrook and Gilcrease is a must.

Chick4Christ said...

thats so cute :)
I went to that too! my brothers just HAD to see it!

love you!

Theresa said...

I love museums! My girlfriend and I use to go to San Francisco to the museums all the time. It was a great day trip for us.