Monday, March 03, 2008

Please Remember

Today, as people in Ohio and Texas decide which candidate they will support in the November presidential election, many voters will choose based on their opinion of the war in Iraq. Today, whether you support that cause, or not, I ask you to remember our Marine son-in-love, Jon.

Jon has been gone from home since May, 2007. (read his story) He trained in North Carolina, then spent the summer in 29 Palms, California before heading to Iraq in September.

He is with a reserve unit connected to a battalion of over 1000 soldiers in the Anbar Province area of Iraq, near the Euphrates River. This is an area of over 70,000 citizens who are beginning to rebuild their city and lives. While many units of Marines are helping to patrol areas of rebuilding, new water resources and schools in Haditha, Jon’s unit, led by a very aggressive colonel, remains on a detail of searching out insurgents and weapons caches.

unit on foot patrol

weapons cache

His unit was recently relocated from a school where 50 soldiers lived in a small schoolroom with running water only in sinks. Now, the school is reopening (due to peace in the area), so Jon’s unit moved in with another unit of 200 soldiers. They are in extremely cramped conditions with no electricity, and no running water.

The good news, besides the rebuilding of Haditha, is that Jon’s unit will begin returning to Camp Lejuene, North Carolina as early as April 11. There he will be processed before returning back to Broken Arrow, OK the end of April or early May.

Please continue to pray for Jon’s unit, that they not get complacent or over-confident.

after a hard day at the office

Pray for Erin and her boys, Kaden, 4, and Will, 2. They have all been sick. (It was heartbreaking to hear Will recently crying, “I want my Daddy”.) Erin has been staunch and secure in her calling as a Marine wife, but is very ready for Jon to be back home.

We are planning a big family greeting for Jon and his unit when they arrive in Broken Arrow. And we can hardly wait!

presents for the whole unit from Erin and Jon's Lifegroup

Do you have a friend or family member in Iraq or Afghanistan that we can pray for?


Natalie Witcher said...

That will be so great when he gets back! I mean for all the people who know him of course! LOL :)

Donna said...

My sisters husband leaves in 13 days for Afghanistan. This is his thrid deployment in 6 years. His first two were in Iraq. He will be gone for 15 to 18 months. He is not saved. I would cherish your prayers for him and my sister.

Praying your son-in-law returns home safely.

Kim Heinecke said...

My cousin is in Iraq!

Ali Ruhman said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I miss Jon and it breaks my heart for those boys! I can't wait until he is safely home.

Cindy Beall said...

I AM PRAYING! As you know, my brother returned from Afghanistan in mid January. He is at Camp LeJeune! Maybe he'll meet Jon. My brother is in charge of every military police officer on the entire base...all 250 of them.

Roger Garrett said...

I don't have anyone close to me over there but have had many friends just return and I saw what stress it put on the families. God bless him

Theresa said...

My friend's son leave for Iraq at the end of the month. His wife just had a beautiful baby boy. He felt lucky to be home when his son was born.

I pray everyday for our troops. God Bless them all!!

Esther said...

wow! thanks for sharing! I found your through anna's blog and love the quote you shared from o.chambers.- so thanks!

Looking forward to the homecoming! God bless you!

Kristie ♥ said...

Oh that is great news! I still keep in contact and send boxes over to one of those guys in Jon's unit regularly, it's good to hear that they will be home soon! It would be so great to finally meet this specific group of guys that have been heavy on my heart since they left!

Robin Meadows said...

Donna, Kim and Theresa...keep us posted on your loved ones in Afghanistan and Iraq. We'll be praying for them and their families.

Cindy--loved the story of your brother's return! Send me his name and I'll see if Jon can look him up! (Since it's such a small place-LOL).

Kristie--thanks for your faithfulness. We'll let you girls know when they return.

Esther-thanks for the comment!

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

valerie said...

Hi Robin,
How exciting to "meet" another blogger from OK. Edmond is not far at all from my daughter and about 45 miles from me.
I'm writing you an e-mail, but yes, NW is the church my daughter and her husband have been attending.
I'll write more in the e-mail, but wanted to thank you for stopping by.
I'm at work now, but plan to read more about you later when I get home.

Dianna said...

A young man from our old Life Group, Nick Hancock just went to Iraq.
My old next door neighbor just had her son Chares Shell to go Iraq. He son in law also went and the neighbor from behind her.
Please keep them all in your prayers.

shanna said...

aaww this made me cry. I am going to pray for them tonight. My brother is in Iraq. His daughter will be born in a week...I am so sad he won't be here :(

Taylor Hale said...

I'm so sorry for Kaden and Will. I pray for there healing, and that Jon returns home soon. I have a cousin in a Iraq who flies supplies and soldiers back and forth from Iraq. Although he is not fighting in the war, he needs prayer.


Beth said...

Thank you for this opportunity to request prayer for our sevice men and women. I too have been praying for them since this all started in Iraq. I have two brothers that are in the Armed Forces. Michael the oldest brother he is a captian in the 176th battalion 45th brigade. Not sure when he will be back. He left for Iraq at the end of last year. My youngest brother came back right before the oldest left. Johnny came back a changed man. Something happened to him. His sweet little family is crumbling. Whats very difficult is that he is stationed in NC. He is far away from family that may help console him. Please pray! Thank you.

Robin Meadows said...


My heart breaks for your brother's family and I will be praying for them. Thanks for leaving a comment, and please come back and give an update on your brothers.

We are anticipating that Jon will be back in the states by next week.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for praying Robin. God bless your sweet family!


Anonymous said...

Will continue to pray for Jon, along with his battalion. Will also remembe Erin and the boys in my prayers.