Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break Trips #2

The next Spring Break trip we took with Kody and Jacob was to some nearby Civil War battlefields.

For a couple of years, we had read and studied everything we could find on the Civil War. One of our favorite book series was Lee Roddy’s Between Two Flags.

We headed to northern Arkansas and visited two battlefields. The first was Pea Ridge National Military Park in Garfield, and the other was Prairie Grove, in….Prairie Grove! Both these battlefields have good museums with lots of swords and other weapons (which most boys really like!) and lots of areas to explore. Pea Ridge has a driving tour with locations to stop and see the cannons, and authentically dressed tour guides offering answers to questions and plenty of information.

Again, we stayed at a hotel with an indoor pool.

Going to actual locations of the battles made the trip exciting and fun and increased the boys’ interest even more. They were having “school” without even realizing it!

Do you remember an interest you had as a kid? Were you able to experience and learn more about it? Is it still an interest today?


Cindy Beall said...

My childhood? Hmmm...let me think.

Nick and Vanessa said...

We absolutley cannot wait to do these things! It was one of the benifits that sold us on homeschooling- taking a vacation whenever we want and using it for the kids to gain knowledge about the world around us- so awesome.

princessjes said...

I've always been interested in people, I have learned more and definitely still interested today!

Roger Garrett said...

My uncle worked on Capital Hill went I was young and so we all went out to DC to visit and we were able to do all of the tours but got backstage passes. We got to go where most people didn't in the white house and all over the capital grounds, very cool stuff.
Sorry I didn't talk about the dance lol

Natalie Witcher said...

I loved Yellowstone National Park. Still do! can't wait to get back. One year, before the girls all go to college, I want to have Christmas at Old Faithful Lodge.

Brittney Pirtle said...

I was always interested in singing as a kid LOL too bad I'm tone deaf :( But Jesus loves my singing! As anna said, the Lord asks us to make a joyful noise... He didn't say anything about it sounding good" haha anna can be so funny :)