Thursday, March 06, 2008

Friday Finds

I met him on a Wednesday night when Anna was speaking at Switch. He is the new Associate Pastor at Lifechurch Northwest Campus,or N-Dub as they like to call it. By Saturday, I had a personal handwritten note from Scott Rodgers! Now is that a pastor’s heart, or what? Two Scotts? It’s a happening campus! (and I don’t even attend there!)

You’ve read her blog before….she’s at it again! Check out this second part of “Actions”. Great lessons for your kids, great lessons for me! Thanks, Kim!
Anna posted a great couple of questions this week about trust. And Cindy! Whew! Get in on the discussion….I sure don’t have it figured out. Any additional thoughts?

And my other blogging daughter, Katie is still telling her stories of working in the ER at Edmond Hospital while she is in nursing school. Interesting!

I’m having lunch with my daughters again today---we’ve decided to make it a monthly occasion! They’re beautiful (and silly) and some of my very best friends!
We’re learning the Cha-Cha tonight at Ballroom Dancing. Each Friday night (but the 3rd) is a beginning ballroom dance class taught at Transformations Center, a gym located south of 33rd on Kelly in Edmond. 7:00 – 8:30 tonight. $15.00 a couple. The Cha-Cha is a blast! Bring a partner and come join us.


HomeSchool Mommy said...

Is this Scott who was at Mesa? We met him when we visited that campus over Christmas.

Robin Meadows said...

Yes, Elizabeth, same one!

Anna said...

Can't wait for lunch...

Jennifer Kristen Cady said...

you have raised such sound daughters...any tips to pass on to a mom with small children?

Kim Heinecke said...

Looks like a fun lil' group of gals! I'm hoping we can catch next week's class at Transformations! Thanks for the link today!

valerie said...

That's a great idea to plan lunch once a month. Aren't daughters so much fun?!!! I just have one and love spending time shopping and eating with her. She calls me every morning at 8:00 on her way to work and every evening on her drive home at 5:00. My mom has four daughters and we have the most fun. In fact she, my sister and I are planning a trip to NYC very soon.
About the dancing class... it sure sounds like fun! I am terrible at dancing. My husband isn't any better. :( I'll have to write a post about when I attended East Central back in the day and "someone" talked me into taking tap & jazz! :( I've been scared (?) ever since!!!
Have a great time and a great weekend.

Chick4Christ said...

haha your girls are gorgeous! :)

Scott Williams said...

Rodgers is going to be a great addition to the campus.

Nicole Knox said...

You girls have fun!

Brittney Pirtle said...

Um... I think I'm sad that your other daugthers won't be attending lunch! LOL :) j/k, that's sweet that you guys are meeting up! Hope you guys have a good time, and have a good weekend Mama Meadows! Love ya!

Christi said...

Such a beautiful family!!:)