Thursday, March 13, 2008

Friday Finds

Ready for a good laugh? Check out this video linked to Mandy Thompson's blog. She's my new blogging friend!

Oprah....if she would only stick with fashion, cooking and make-overs! You need to be aware of this. And read these guys often....they'll make you think!
A good science video here...with a great spiritual application. Show us some more, Patrick!
If Dirk feels any better tonight than he does today, we'll be at Ballroom Dance tonight. Remember? We'll be learning Samba/Salsa! It will be a blast!! e-mail me for details
Jon comes home in about 5 weeks! That's sooner than orginally expected!!! YAY!

four of the grands at a recent birthday celebration

Have I told you?---I LOVE SPRING!

Have a great time next week if you're doing something special for Spring Break!

Big weekend plans?

Happy bloggin'!


princessjes said...

Hopefully plans will involve coming to see you! Unless I go with someone else to a certain homely place...IDK.. R U home Fri?

Ali Ruhman said...

Daddy and Lily have a special night tonight, they are going to dinner together and Horton where's the who.(I think that's what it's called)

I will be doing my favorite thing tonight--Scrapbooking at Just For Keeps!!

Saturday we will probally work in the yard if the weather is nice enough.

Roger Garrett said...

Holy smokes that video was funny. Thanks for the link

Theresa said...

Your Grans are beautiful. :)

Nicole Knox said...

We are seeing ANNIE for FREE tonight!!! We can't wait.

Kim Heinecke said...

Sweet kids!
We're planning to go to the dance lesson if we can get a sitter for the little one. Right now it's looking shaky...

Natalie Witcher said...


Robin Meadows said...

Jess---come on!
Ali - such fun!
Roger & Natalie--I agree! FUNNY!
Theresa--I KNOW! I mean...thanks! ;)
Nicole---YAY! Glad it worked out for you.
Kim - we'll be there! I'll be praying for a sitter.

Scott said...

Robin - Thanks for the shout out.

We enjoy Patrick's site as well. He always has great things to say.

mandy said...

this explains the sudden rush of people from your blog.
how's the recipes goin?

Donna said...

That video was so funny. I laughed so hard I cried! After a week alone with four children I needed a good laugh!

Patrick Sievert said...

To even be mentioned in the same post as that video is an honor.