Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Takin' a Break?

Ah….spring break. Are you excited for it? Or will it be just another week for you?

What are your plans for Spring Break? (that’s next week!)

If you homeschool, are you taking the week off from academics?

I’ll go first:

Absolutely! I always enjoy the week off. My boys are going on mission trips. One leaves Sunday, the other on Wednesday. The first one gets home Wednesday night, the second on Saturday night. ; )

No schoolwork for us!

Me? I’ll spend extra time with Dirk and we’ve got a family night planned (with most of the family) to eat (of course) and watch “Dan in Real Life” together. Oh, and we’re meeting Abbi’s parents one of those nights!

Next week I’ll share some of our previous spring break semi-educational vacations.


Nicole Knox said...

We will be on the mission trip with Jacob! My boys are going to grandma and grandpas!!!

Abbi said...

Ooh, my folks got a shout-out! haha. Cute. I'm looking forward to the nice weather, though I work full-time and don't actually get a 'break'.

Kristie ♥ said...

Gosh I haven't had a real spring break since high school! it's just another week for me, unfortunately! Dan in real life is an excellent movie!

Natalie Witcher said...

No break for the Witchers. We kinda took a 10 week one when little Monkey got here. But we are going on a field trip on Friday!

Roger Garrett said...

No break for me butthe wife and kids are headed to Sea World San Antonio to meet up with the rest of her fam. Wish I could go.

Mandy said...

I'm going to Chihuahua,Mexico!! I leave on Sat and get back at the crack of dawn Easter Sunday!!

Brittney Pirtle said...

Plans for next week are working and spending time with family. Hoping to have time to spend with Wesley and Jayden :) Gotta love those kids. I hope you have a good week and enjoy the week off!

shanna said...

We aren't really doing anything but my niece is being born tomorrow so I will be loving on her for the next few days! And again SOON! Maybe this Saturday since we have a break from our adoption classes!

Robin Meadows said...

Nicole-keep an eye on Jacob ;)
Abbi-I thought it was cute too ;) but looking forward to meeting them. They must be AWESOME! Like you!
KRISTIE!! Hi! Yeah, Dan in Real Life reminds us a bit of the manymeadows! None of the kids have seen it.
Natalie-field trip? Where?
Roger-so sorry. I know you'll miss them.
Mandy-YAY!! You guys will have a blast!
Brittney DO mean spending some time with us, right!
Shanna-yay for new babies! Coffee before 4 on Saturday if that works. Let me know. Is Christie coming?

E-mail me if you want to meet for coffee or Sonic! I met with Stef Swindell again today---such fun!

Patrick Sievert said...

Spreak Break.... ha ha... real funny...

Robin Meadows said...

Patrick...I'm just break for you? LOL