Thursday, February 07, 2008

Friday Finds

Series that began last Monday, February 4….don’t miss it. It could change your life. And stay tuned “for one of the most shocking photos you’ll ever see on”

Since we’re talking about Numero Uno….a humorous glimpse into your husband’s mind... OR a glimpse into your husband's humorous mind....
Hints for Women

Some great Motherhood lessons—it’ll make you smile


Ballroom Dancing tonight---we’ll be there!
Transformations Center, south of 33rd on Kelly, come in the west door
7-9 pm
$15 couple
Beginner class every Friday (except the 3rd one)
It’s fun!!

******************************************* picture from September, 2007

Something fun for some of you to look forward to in a few years---I had lunch with three of my daughters today (missed you, Katie). It was a delightfully fun, refreshingly wonderful time! We like each other.


Anna said...

Scott linked you in his blog today! LOL

Thanks for the link love!

-The Mountain Man- said...

I second anna's thought(link love!?!?). I have made the blogosphere big time - I was mentioned, even recommended, by Robin Meadows. I hope my servers can handle the additional traffic...

Chick4Christ said...

omg ballroom dancing is soo much fun!! me and taylor take it on tuesdays night at 63rd and broadway. its a blast :) and really helps our relationship!! haha.

Robin Meadows said...

Wendy, you guys should come join us sometime. Last night we worked on swing...the 4th week is going to be "advanced" waltz. It'd be fun to have you guys there!!

shanna said...

Beautiful picture!

Katie said...

stupid school. . .

Robin Meadows said... time! We'll do it again soon!

Chick4Christ said...

sounds super fun :) i'll talk to him about it and see if we can!! :)

so far we know,
cha cha,


Robin Meadows said...

OK - the 4th Friday we'll be doing some extra waltz stuff. It would be so much fun for you guys to come! Hey, maybe you can teach Dirk and I a few steps!