Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Numero Uno

Next to God, who comes first in your life?

It should be your husband.

Sure, there are times in our lives when our babies or young children require the bulk of our time, the majority of our mind (what’s left of it). But, where is our focus? Are we really thinking about our husband and his feelings, or are we just allowing the circumstances of life to pull us along? How important is he?

Ask yourself:

*When I have exciting news, who do I call first?
*If I have some free time, who do I want to spend it with?
*Am I willing to learn about or participate in football games, shooting guns, watching a war movie, golf, or car races? Or is that “his thing”?
*Do I check with him before I make plans for our family?

I challenge us all to make our husbands our best friend. If he’s not already, start now. Even if he is, what are some new and creative ideas that will show him he’s numero uno for us? Come on…share!


Michael said...

That is awesome! I think you are an amazing woman and mother. I really look up to you and your husband as an example both in parenting and in life.

I challenge husbands to do the same. Take an interest in your wives and give her attention. Sometimes it is better to turn the tv off and help clean house or take your wife out.

My wife is the first to say that I spoil her, and I like it that way. She works her tail daycare, homeschooling our child, and working around the house everyday. I appreciate every thing she does.

Ali said...

For me I can truly say he is my best friend. I would rather spend time with him than anyone else. While we don't always enjoy the same things, it gives me joy to participate in things that he likes.

He loves it when I get into the football game, watches UFC with him, or plays the WII. This is his love language, spending quality time with him doing things that he enjoys.

Kim Heinecke said...

I learned from my mom that when your husband comes home from work, it's wise to stop what I'm doing (cooking, cleaning, kids, etc.) and acknowledge he is home with a SMILE -- a smile really goes a long way in setting the tone for the rest of the evening.

Good thoughts today, Robin! Thanks!

Cindy Beall said...

Chris is absolutely my favorite person on earth. We are best friends and actually feel bad sometimes for our boys that we like to be together so much! Ha ha.

We were married six years before Noah arrived. We desired children sooner but it didn't happen. I think having those years really developed a solid foundation for our family. When our boys leave home, we will not have to worry what to talk about or what to do.

Robin Meadows said...

Hey Michael--you are always an encourager! Thanks!! We wives like to be spoiled too.

Ali - you guys are great friends--it's fun to watch.

Kim - GREAT advice!

Cindy-I agree--we had 4 years before Erin was born. Fun times. We're experiencing a bit of that "just married" time again. It's a blast! Without a doubt--Dirk is my best friend---just ask our kids!

-The Mountain Man- said...

I agree. The husband should be everone's focus. Long live the King!

Numero Uno, no question.

Natalie said...


Abbi said...

Okay, so he's not my husband, but I strive to follow a lot of these guidelines in my dating relationship with Andrew:

He always gets a big hug and a smile the second he walks in the door of my house.

I've already learned more about welding and rodeo than I ever imagined I'd even WANT to know, and it's been fun, because caring about him means caring about and being interested in the things he loves, even if I don't 'get it'.

He's the first person I call or make plans with when I have free time.

And I'm blessed that he reciprocates in all these ways. I doubt he could've imagined going to art galleries before he met me. ;)

Robin Meadows said...

Mountain Man--I think I'm on to you! But I wholeheartedly agree! Now, if we can just get MtnMama on board...LOL!

Natalie--no doubt, you 'get it'

Abbi---what can I say? That just blesses my socks off!

Teena said...

Don't let mountain man fool you....He's my best friend...He treats me like a queen. I just don't always share his same humor. :)

Robin Meadows said...

Teena--you've got a good one there---LISTEN to him! ;)

erin lee said...

Ok, Abbi's comment made me cry! Sad to say it took Jon & I 5 years to figure out the best friend thing. The last 5 have been amazing though & we get closer all the time. One thing I have made a point to do from time to time is tell him thank you for going to work. He has gone to a job day after day that he doesn't even like because he takes responsibility for his family very seriously. It's something normal that everyone does, so it's hard to remember to say thank you for it, but it means so much to him when I do.

Robin Meadows said...

Erin - I've seen it happen and it's great! Hey, and his job is in Iraq---no wonder he doesn't like it ;)

Theresa said...

I am very very lucky!! My husband is my best friend. 17 years later he is still the first person I call. We run away together everyday for alone time.

God really reminded me recently how great I have it. My friend and her husband are having problems and she said that she didn't even feel like they had a friendship. It broke my heart. I got on my knees and Thanked God for the gift he gave me when he picked Craig for me. God First!! Craig Almost First!!!

Katie said...

Alexander is definitely my best friend, I love hanging out with him. Kim is right about setting the mood for the rest of the evening, when he comes homes I always try to be very excited and give him a big hug and it always puts him in a good mood, especially if he's stressed about school.
Sharing a car has brought us really close these past couple of months, for one it helps us communicate our plans to each other and it also adds a lot of time spent together in our day, it takes work to get along and sacrifice if we have conflicting schedules but it's worth it at this point in our lives.

Robin Meadows said...

Ahh...Katie, music to a mama's ears...Love you!