Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Someone asked me what these posts about our husbands have to do with home education. My philosophy? If Daddy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy….

I shared the list of questions from yesterday with my husband and 26-year-old son, Andrew. After the laughter settled from their jokes and suggestions, they both expressed that the only thing they really desired is for their wives to be happy.

What does “being happy” mean to you? How much responsibility for your happiness rests with your husband? Is happiness a choice?


Valentine’s Day suggestion: Make your husband a handmade card telling him all the reasons why you love him!


princessjes said...

I suppose happiness is a is related to circumstances so you choose how you want to respond to, constant--trusting the Lord with every circumstance & situation and knowing that He is Lord of it all, brings joy and peace...but happiness, I guess it is sortof a way to respond.

Anonymous said...

I think if you rely on happiness by actions from your husband you are setting yourself up for failure. Happiness is a choice you make and it begins with Jesus. Find your happiness in Jesus!!

It never hurts though if he gets you a coach purse along with a dozen roses for valentines day!!:)


Natalie said...

oooo, love the coach purse idea! I believe happiness is a choice. A quote from my new friends book: The 7 hardest thing God Asks a Woman To Do by Lisa Whittle and Kathie Reimer... "...the one last human freedom that remains available to a man, after eveything else has been stripped from him is his ability to choose the way he will react to his circumstances." They were talking about a doctor who was in a Nazi prison camp. Choosing to be grateful, happy, and even unselfish in a place you and I could not even imagine. (sorry the comment was so long!:)

Kristie ♥ said...

HA! My mom use to say the same thing! If daddy aint happy, aint nobody happy! surprisingly very true haha!

Abbi said...

For me, "happiness" has everything to do with contentment and gratefulness. And contentment comes from finding your fulfillment in God and godly things. Happiness IS a choice, and you either have it or don't, based on what you are FOCUSING ON.

Also, lots of laughing and smiles. Now THAT'S "happy" for sure. :)

Kim Heinecke said...

I think happiness is a choice. I agree with Ali - as wives we are called to find our fulfillment in the Lord. We cannot expect our husbands to be completely responsible for our happiness. My spouse can't be God...and I was created with a heart that craves what only God can fill.

Another Valentine's Day idea for you gals... TAke a pad of post it notes, write something you love about him on each one (about 100 or so!) and put them EVERYWHERE in his car -- windshield, inside, out, back seat, steering wheel, etc. When he leaves for work he'll have to gather all of them up one by one - and I promise, he'll be smiling. :)

Anna said...

I can't wait to have a husband!

shanna said...

Happiness is a choice.

I try to let Jesus fill my love tank and if it happens to be thru my husband...great...if not that is OK too. I am really working on serving him. He spoils me so much tht I forget to spoil him back. I do adore that man!

Theresa said...

I have said for a long time "I Chose to be Happy!!" If you don't make that choice what is the alternative. You end up bitter, crabby and yucky. If you don't make the choice to be happy the enemy will make sure that are miserable. So today I chose to be happy. The more days I wake up and chose it the easier it is to just be it. :)