Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tips for Staying Young (at heart)

I just had a birthday this weekend. It’s hard to believe I’m as old as I am!! Rather than ignore it, I’ve included some

Tips for staying young (at heart)

Do have your hair colored!
Do trust your hair stylist
Do hang out with younger people
Do serve in your church’s youth group
Do eat right and workout (OK – I do one of these pretty well)
Do get outside as often as possible
Do have a myspace and a facebook and a blog!
Do let your daughters (or nieces, or a friend’s daughter) help you shop
Don’t pay any attention to the creaks, pops and groans of your joints
Don’t take yourself too seriously
Don’t, don’t, don’t look in the mirror any more than necessary!!
Smile LOTS!!

I’ve decided denial is the best policy in growing older. Not much I can do about it anyway---guess I’ll just enjoy it! It is much better than the alternative….. ;-)

My daughter Ali has a birthday one day before mine. Do you have family members with the same, or very close to your own, birthday?
Stay tuned for more posts on husbands!


Cindy Beall said...

Great tips, Robin. I'm going to start incorporating them SOON.

Chris and I celebrate our birthdays in September. They are 17 days apart!

Ali Ruhman said...

I like those first two, you really will be better off listening to your hairstylist!

Sadie and Will share the same birthday, just one year apart on August 15th!

Christi said...

You're beautiful and young at heart:)

princessjes said...

Mama Meadows... you're so funny...
I forgot to wish you a happy b-day!

Abbi said...

WOW! Who's cake is THAT?! There's at least 100 candles on that baby! At LEAST.

Great celebrating with you yesterday! Your family is so awesome. Love you all. My littlest sister was born 6 days before my 11th birthday. :)

Michael said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great time! Thanks for the tips. ;-)

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I love these!

Kim Heinecke said...

My husband's BD is 2 days after mine. His brother is the day in between our birthdays.

Good tips! (We had a lovely time Friday night - nice to visit with you and your husband as well.)

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday! You are beautiful! I love the tips and have printed them out!!

My Aunt's birthday is the day before mine. :)

Teena said...

My birthday is one day before my Mom's. Steve's is 8 days before mine and our anniversary is in between our two birthdays. It will be our 22nd.

Robin Meadows said...

Thanks, everyone for the sweet comments.

Abbi--not MY cake! LOL

Ali - thanks for keeping me looking young--at least trying! (she does my hair)

Kim - it was a blast! Hope to see you there again---bring some dancing buddies!

I knew there would be special days close together in families. Thanks for sharing yours.

Stef Swindell said...

Hey Robin...will you email me - I lost your email address - thanks :)

Chick4Christ said...

Well I soo think you look and act way young :)

probably the funnest one!!

Robin Meadows said...

Wendy! Sweet girl!! ;-) I'll be looking for a hug soon!!

brittney pirtle said...

YOU? Old? I think not... LOL, your as young and vibrant as they come! But my dad and stepmom have the same birthday! Exact same day and scott's is the following week! LOL one of my sisters and mom are 2 days apart, other sister and brother are 15 days apart, grandma and cousin are 6 days apart.... And the list goes on! Its just too many close birthdays! Lol

Robin Meadows said...

Hey, Brittney! See why I call you my girl? LOL Thanks!

We have several birthdays like that. Erin and Andrew are 3 years and 1 day apart (Sept. 28 and 29) and my bil is on the 29th too. We have LOTS of BD's in Sept and Oct.

deleise said...

You are beautiful, Robin! Riley's birthday is Feb 26 and mine is march 1st. I wanted to be induced on my birthday so we would share but my doc talked me out of it!

Aaron said...

you're awesome!

Robin Meadows said...

Deleise--Thanks so much.

Aaron--kind words man.. Thanks!