Monday, February 11, 2008

Simple Definitions

Patience (Amended)

A recent post here gave a simple definition for patience. Patience is waiting without complaining.

Then, not long ago at our ballroom dance class, a new meaning was dropped into my heart and mind. You see, ballroom dancing is a great way to learn more about leading and following. In dancing, the man is always the leader, the woman, always the follower. (Quite a concept, don’t you think ;-) And man! Is it ever hard to learn to follow in dancing, because as a follower, you must learn to WAIT for the lead.

My new definition for patience?

Patience is waiting without suggestions…..

Enough said?

At least Dirk didn’t stomp on my foot!


Anna said...

Oh, THAT is GOOD! Waiting without suggestions! I need to adopt that in my relationship with the LORD!


Scott Williams said...

Hmmmm. let me ponder that definition, for a day!

Abbi said...

Ahh, yes, waiting without suggestions. WAY harder than waiting without complaining. After all, sometimes suggestions ARE a form of complaint--as in, "I don't trust this person to know what they're doing, so I'll just help them out by giving them some ideas..."

princessjes said...

Good stuff Mama Meadows!
Anna quoted the definition of Patience yesterday! Made me giggle!

Natalie said...

good one! I tend to give God many suggestions. He doesn't always listen.

Jayma Denice said...

Cut straight to my heart!!!!

Love you Robin!!

Aaron said...

i'm still wanting to get Lorren to these dance lessons!

Robin Meadows said...

Thanks for the comments, guys and girls!

See? I'm STILL learning!

Aaron--Fri Feb 22---waltz! It'll be fun--just a class that night but a dance after the class on the 2nd Friday. Come join us!

shanna said...

I love it!