Thursday, February 21, 2008

Friday Finds

A wonderful story of God's love, faithfulness and redemption unfolds this week and next. Read about a life made NEW!


My good blogging buddy and friend, Scott Williams is raising a stink telling about his prison time---better check it out! Four posts this week worth reading. Hey--Scott's blog is ALWAYS worth reading!


This weekend the Edmond Lifechurch Switch youth band is playing worship at the weekend experiences at the Edmond campus. Come check out this great group of young men. Oh of them is Kody, our 15 year old son playing backup guitar. All but the lead singer are homeschoolers! They'll rock you out of your seats.


Signs of Spring----my favorite season!

I have daffodils up in my yard. Hopefully, they won't bloom too early and freeze.

Have you seen or heard the flocks of robins flying around?

Now, we just need some warm weather and sunshine!

Have any fun weekend plans?


princessjes said...

That's really cool I wish I could come to Edmond!

Charissa said...

Weekend plans? I sure do! Lunch with your kiddos. It's been a LONG time! I miss them so much. Haha, what am I complaining about? They're your kids, I'm sure you miss them too. :)

Scott Williams said...

Rock on Kody! Thanks for the Link-Love... I like reading your Fri. posts on Thurs. It's something about being ahead of schedule.

Cindy Beall said...

Fun weekend plans. Hmmm. Think I am going to seal the grout in my house.

Don't be jealous :)

shanna said...

Thank you so much Robin for linking my blog. LOVE YOU!

Kim Heinecke said...

My foxy husband has been traveling all week so we're leaving the munchkins with Grandmommy on Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary a few days late! (MUCH more fun than sealing grout...sorry Cindy!)

Love the Friday links - I always find some new sites to visit!

Abbi said...

My daffodils are sprouting up too. Hope this nasty weather goes away!!

As for the weekend, I'm scrapbooking with your girls tonight until my eyeballs fall out. :) Then I'm finishing my taxes and doing homework and making a cupcake tower for LifeGroup. :)