Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Teaching Ideas #2

Report Night

A fun thing we did for a few years when the kids were young was to have a weekly “report night”. This was an evening that we looked forward to and prepared for. Each child was responsible to bring a book report, a chart from a science lesson they had learned, a poem they had memorized, or even a skit or song they had rehearsed together.

They were very creative in their ideas. We shared many laughs.

This gave them opportunity to stand alone in front of an “audience” and to also learn respect for the “performer”.

Let me know if you try this, or do something similar in your own family. It is a fun memory!


Anna said...

LOVED report nights! One of the most memorable was when Andrew and Ali did a skit about table manners... they pulled out real food and everything! At 8, or however old I was, I thought that was pretty cool...

Abbi said...

...and that explains why Anna has no problem getting up to speak in front of large crowds. ;)

Ali Ruhman said...

I have such an awful memory I don't even remember that! Anna you have a great memory! I do remember report night though. I was always nervous though. I unlike some of my siblings hate getting up in front of crowds and speaking.

Kim Heinecke said...

What a great house to grow up in...!

(I know if I had attended the Meadows School for Extraordinary People I wouldn't have used TWO prepositions at the end of that sentence...)

Christi said...

First of all, I think it's funny that Ali referred to her family as a "crowd"....hee hee.

I wish I could have grown up in the Meadows family:) Fun stuff!!

Roger Garrett said...

We have our boys perform for us all the time. they do plays or sing songs. But I like the idea of adding in some academic stuff. We will need to do that as they get older

Natalie Witcher said...

Love it. I'm sure my stage hungry girls would enjoy that!

Robin Meadows said...

Anna - I remember that too. Ali, you and Andrew set up the piano bench like a table. First, you showed HOW to act at the table...then, you showed how NOT to act...complete with a food fight at the end..remember now? LOL

Abbi--Anna comes alive in a crowd. She did a great job at Switch Wed night!

Kim - don't be too sure about that!

Christi--it was (and is) MOSTLY a good time. I think my grown kids are realizing it now.

Roger--thanks for the comment--kids like to perform!

Natalie--let us know what you guys end up doing...oh, and take pictures!

dal said...

I love all of these great ideas. I have been printing off some of your posts, and putting them in my idea folder for the future!

We have show and tell at hour house. Kids love it!

Donna said...

The last two posts were from me! I have a two year old on my lap, he decided to push buttons before I was finished!!!

Oh, how fun life is with a two year old!